The Three Stooges II Slots

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3-reel, video, progressive
Movies, Comical
Players got hooked right away when they played The Three Stooges Slots but you haven’t seen anything yet until you try The Three Stooges II Slots. This is a five reel and three pay line slot game that has three progressive jackpots, a mini, a minor, and a major. The bonus features in this slot game are simply nothing shy of unbelievable. The comedy trio is back and they are funnier than ever. You can download this slot game and play it for real money or you can play the instant flash version for fun.

Three Stooges Symbols

The Three Stooges II symbols include Sevens, Diamonds, Larry, Curly, and Moe, the Three Stooges Logo, the Entrance to the Studio, and Triple Bars. All are delivered in brilliant and stunning colors. The Three Stooges Logo is the wild symbol and will pay out three times your wager when one of these symbols appears on a pay line. If you are lucky enough to get two of these symbols then multiply your wager by nine times! Are you ready to look at the multiple bonus games, one for each stooge?

Moe’s Moolah

All it takes is three Moe symbols to trigger this bonus game. This is the biggest paying bonus game of the three. There are six different levels that are displayed on a prize meter while you are in the free spins round. The levels consist of 100 free spins with a 10xs multiplier; 75 free spins with an 8xs multiplier; 50 free spins with a 6xs multiplier; 25 free spins with a 5xs multiplier; 15 free spins with a 4xs multiplier; and 10 free spins with a 3xs multiplier. Look for the Moe’s Moolah odds. This is where the start button is located and when you click this button you will be rolling a pair of dice. All that will remain is one of the six levels. What you win is the only thing that will be left.

Larry’s Stash

Three Larry symbols will trigger this Larry’s Stash Feature. This bonus also has levels that consist of 20 free spins with a 7xs multiplier; 15 free spins with a 6xs multiplier; 12 free spins with a 5xs multiplier; 10 free spins with a 4xs multiplier; 8 free spins with a 3xs multiplier; and 7 free spins with a 2xs multiplier. You will roll the dice again to reveal the final level and to discover what you have won. If Moe, Larry and Curly show up during this round you win an additional free spin.

Curly’s Cashola

Nine free spins plus a double multiplier are awarded when Curly is across the pay line. If all three of the stooges appear during this round extra free spins are awarded.

Win Win Feature

The Three Stooges II Slots has a Win-Win feature. Once all three of the bonus free spin rounds have finished and you have won less than five times your trigger bet you still win. If you do not win any free spins, you will receive 10 to 200x’s your original wager. If the number of free spins that you won was less than double your wager then you will win a bonus prize of up to 100x’s. if your total free spins was more than double but less than five you win a multiplier of up to 100x.

You are going to love The Three Stooges II Slots so get your stooge on today!